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Amāt is a sanskrit word meaning: from near or
at hand and in some vedic scriptures amāt is
also describrdas ;boundless (in qualities).We
could not think of any other word more
appropriate that define our intentions.



Why Should You Give Us Try

Amāt takes the traditional route and serves you the aata which was commonly consumed in our households since times immemorial , we give priority to locally grown wheat then thoroughly clean it,give it a through rinse in water followed by sun drying for at least 12 hrs and then milling the whole grains without any dilution. At any stage ,nothing is added or derived from the grains.So you get 100% heat aata.

At no point in time bare hand/human touch is practised. Reasons for the process;

Locally grown produce is most likely to agree with our bodies.

Local food also ensures check on unnecessary logistics cost of wheat keeping a check on inflation and is good for the environment. 

No extraction of bran means higher level offibre in your wheat.

In india wheat harvesting and storage in large is still practiced manually with lot of human touch and hence we find it necessary to wash it in order to limit the chances of any sort of infections/dieses transmissions from humans into the crops.

Sun drying adds another level of hygiene to the wheat.


Nutritional Info Per 100g


  • We are not able to produce at a large scale .

  • Non addition of preservatives result in lower shelf life.

  • Our production is at the mercy of whether conditions.

  • Requires clean water.

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